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IMPACT-SE's Reports: Hamas

IMPACT-SE (formerly CMIP) published the following report on the Hamas website Al-Fateh:
Hamas Web Magazine for Children Incites to Terror,
Annihilation and Self-Destruction

May 2009 Update

IMPACT-SE recently completed its report on Al-Fateh (, the Hamas web magazine for Children, which serves as its internet educational instrument, supports its ideology and terrorist activities, and serves as a platform for Hamas propaganda and indoctrination, especially of Palestinian, and more generally, Arab and Muslim, children. Politically, the website’s consistent message is a call for the destruction of Israel and the establishment of an Islamic state in its stead, and an armed struggle of violence and terror against all who are defined as the enemies of Islam, including the West in general. The site indoctrinates children to adopt the concepts of jihad and martyrdom and aspire to become not just fighters but suicidal martyrs, effectively preparing them to serve as the next generation of sacrificial instruments in the war of terror and annihilation waged by Hamas.

Read the Full Report:
    English (pdf, 1.57 mb)
    Francais (pdf, 2 mb)

Related Readings & Events:

  • IMPACT-SE on German TV
    March 15, 2011
    IMPACT-SE's CEO Shelley Shandor Elkayam was interviewed by a newscast on German television about the widespread trend in Hamas education to deny the holocaust, as well about the tendency in their school education to deny reality and truth. Our point of view is that governmental authorities do not promote cultural understanding and cooperation by falsifying facts and by renaming sites which have been well-accepted for 1,700 years. Click here to see the video clip from the interview.

  • "Hamas' Web School for Suicide Bombers"
    By IMPACT-SE, Middle East Quarterly, Spring 2010
    This paper on the Hamas Web Magazine for Children Al-Fateh details its educational approach and indoctrination of children during the eight years it has existed, and it elaborates upon its significance as an indicator of the Hamas movement’s ideology. Read the full article on Middle East Quarterly's website. (Printer friendly version, pdf, 145 kb)
  • Al-Fateh Report Impacts British Prime Minister
    IMPACT-SE’s efforts to affect positive change through its research and fight hatred, intolerance, and incitement against the West and the Jews have lead to an unprecedented success. IMPACT-SE presented MP Louise Ellman (Labour) with its report on the Hamas Web Magazine for Children (Al-Fateh) and illustrated the danger it poses for children in the Middle East and Britain. MP Ellman has since called on Prime Minister Gordon Brown and other ministers to block access to the site in the UK, invoking and quoting from the report. The British Home Office is currently looking into her request. See:

    MP Ellman questioning Prime Minister Brown
    - Jan 20, 2010 (wmv, 1.42 mb)

    MP Ellman quoting from the Al-Fateh report in the House of Commons plenum - Jan 28, 2010 (wmv, 3.02 mb)

    The Register
    Press Article -
    Jan 14, 2010:
  • IMPACT-SE European Tour - November 2009
    IMPACT-SE set out on a two-week tour to the UK, Belgium and Germany with the goals of raising awareness and demonstrating to European parliamentarians, policymakers, media and public the true nature of Hamas; and of promoting the Tunisian schoolbooks and their educational approach as a potential positive role model. As part of the tour, IMPACT-SE, London-based journalist and activist Simon Barrett, and Muslim scholar Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Hussaini of Scriptural Reasoning attended a November 11 briefing at the House of Commons. On November 24, IMPACT-SE and Dr. Hamid also delivered presentations at a press conference at the Berlin Regent hotel, preceded and followed by a number of interviews with German, Russian and Spanish media.
  • Al-Fateh European Tour Media Reactions
    As part of, and following IMPACT-SE's presentations across Europe in May 2009 (see report below), several articles and interviews were published in the media in English, French and Spanish.
  • IMPACT-SE Al Fateh European Tour- May 2009 (pdf, 701 kb)
    IMPACT-SE set out in May 2009 to present its findings on Al-Fateh, the Hamas Web Magazine for Children in Belgium, France and Spain. The object of the tour was to help stem the growing trend in Europe calling for dialog and engagement with Hamas, by raising awareness and demonstrating to European parliamentarians and policymakers the true nature of Hamas and its anti-Western, anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic ideology, so that they take it into account when considering changing official Quartet policy of non-recognition and non-engagement vis-à-vis Hamas... [Read more (pdf, 701 kb)]